Working in your service since 2009

Universal Green Developers is an integral part of Universal Green Group. We are committed to creating comfortable lifestyles, while ensuring environmental responsibility and efficiency. It all started with Founder/President Hemal Doshi commissioning a solar farm back in 2009. Since then, Universal Solar System has successfully completed over a thousand residential and commercial solar projects. The company owns and operates three large solar farms in Texas. With a growing need for houses, owning a perfect parcel of land in Princeton, Texas, Universal Green Developers was born with a green mission in mind. The mission of Universal Green Group is to deliver beautiful modern houses that are more affordable and sustainable via the option to go solar. Universal Green Group always strives to bring cutting edge innovative opportunities for homeowners to be environmentally efficient while enjoying the benefits of modern amenities. Universal Green Developers is committed to saving earth, one home at a time and to encourage people to switch to renewable energy.

With a variety of business experience from the solar industry to electric vehicles to real estate projects, Universal Green Group is a versatile company that is perfect recipe for any successful venture. We invite you to explore our current and upcoming projects to feel the difference!